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February 13, 2017 Category: Company News By: Simon Crosby Comments: 0

HP and Bromium – Micro-Virtualization for the Masses is Here

  • Our new relationship was announced today. Read the release.
  • You can see a demo of the computer at RSAC at the Bromium booth (at the back of South Hall).
  • This is the first step in shifting security to be built-in rather than bolted on.

Today HP® announced HP Sure Click, a massively secure, built-in feature of enterprise laptops and PCs, to protect customers from web-based attacks.

HP worked closely with Bromium to create a solution that protects users and their organizations from malware and ransomware delivered via the browser. HP Sure Click will be introduced as a standard feature on the award-winning HP EliteBook x360 1030 G22 in the spring and on Elite PC platforms in the second half of the year.

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A key achievement is that the solution seamlessly complements and extends Microsoft® Windows 10 Virtualization Based Security (VBS) – on which Bromium was proud to partner with Microsoft.

This announcement signals a sea change in endpoint and enterprise security:

  • HP Sure Click is built on the same technology – Bromium micro-virtualization – that has defeated every malware attack for over six years. Bromium protects key government agencies of four key democracies as well as institutions critical to international relations, law enforcement and peacekeeping, and global F2000 organizations.
  • It uses micro-virtualization to protect enterprise users who depend on Internet Explorer or Chrome, but will also work seamlessly with VBS and Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) for the Edge browser due in the forthcoming Windows 10 “Redstone 2” release.
  • Sure Click is an HP branded product – emphasizing the critical need for hardware enforced security to defeat today’s targeted attacks, in stark contrast to after-market bolt-on “security solutions” from next-gen anti-virus vendors.
  • HP Sure Click secures users and their organizations against web based threats while fully supporting legacy web and enterprise applications including plugins like ActiveX, Java and Flash.

This announcement meets a broad market need for a new approach to security – one in which security is built into the devices upon which we depend, and with the brand promise of the device vendor behind it.

Won’t it be great when you can ditch AV forever?

That day is coming, made possible by massively secure devices that react at machine speed to machine-timescale attacks, protecting themselves “by design” and automatically remediating each attack with no need for signatures or a leap of faith on fallible AI-based detection.