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October 31, 2018 Category: Into the Web of Profit, Uncategorized By: Dr Michael McGuire Comments: 0

How Hackers Exploit Online Games

  • Legitimate platforms like online gaming services are a breeding ground for hackers, with in-game currencies and micro-transactions putting a target on the gaming industry’s back
  • Online games have also provided a testing ground for hackers keen to test their malware on unsuspecting players

Hackers taking advantage of social networks like LinkedIn is nothing new in this era of platform criminality. But despite major breaches like Sony, one platform often overlooked as a target for cybercriminals are popular video games. Online games, such as Fortnite, have exploded in popularity over the last year, with the title recently reporting 125 million downloads.

This popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed in the darker corners of the web and there have been rising concerns around the presence of hackers, with many players reporting that their accounts have been compromised. But why is this significant, and what is it about online games that cybercriminals find so appealing?