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Disposable computing for cybersecurity

June 20, 2017 Category: Uncategorized By: Joe Malinka Comments: 0

Disposable Computing is the Answer to Cyber Security for Business

  • Disposability has become a regular thing in our lives; but you may have taken for granted the value it brings.
  • Cost, convenience and risk are the cornerstones of successful disposability.
  • Disposable computing offers a solution to cyber security and provides you with valuable threat information.

This is the first in our two-part series on disposable computing (part two tomorrow). We are also hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, June 26 at 1pm ET and 10am PT featuring Joe Malinka (today’s author) who will show you how this works in real life (register to attend or get a copy of the recording). Today, Joe explains how cost, convenience and risk are the foundations of good disposable computing.

We take for granted things that are disposable. We don’t even give them a second thought. However, let’s pretend for a moment that there was a shortage, and some disposable items had to be re-used. Not only would we give these things a second thought, but we would likely have a very strong, even visceral, reaction.

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Imagine that you’re in a hospital room, and the nurse walks in and says, “We need to draw some blood, but needles have really gone up in price lately. Even though I used this needle on a previous patient, who, as far as we can tell, has no infectious diseases, do you mind if we re-use it on you?” You’d likely run out of that hospital as fast as your legs could carry you.

At the next hospital you drive to, the doctor walks in to the room and says, “We have a new device that detects diseases on the exam gloves we use. Its detection rate is 99.7%, so we’re now re-using our gloves instead of constantly buying more.” Even though you only have a 0.3% chance of catching something (supposedly), you’d likely run from that hospital, too.