HP Threat Research Blog Busting the Non-Persistent VDI Security Myth!

March 13, 2017 Category: Uncategorized By: Robert Wiggenhorn Comments: 1

Busting the Non-Persistent VDI Security Myth!

  • VDI, including non-persistent VDI, does little or nothing to stop today’s malware.
  • VDI is just as susceptible to malware as physical desktops.
  • Virtualization-based Security (VBS) helps solve the cyber security challenges for both physical and virtual desktops.

Running Bromium’s Federal Professional Services team, I get the opportunity to meet with some of the largest and most sophisticated Federal customers.

Recently, the same topic has come up in some of our customer conversations, “why is additional security needed for non-persistent virtual desktops…aren’t they already more secure than traditional desktops?”

The irony of these conversations, is that I previously spent a large portion of my career helping these same agencies roll-out VDI for many different use cases. To be clear, for many organizations VDI does offer significant business benefits and when properly deployed, it can improve an organization’s security posture. However, VDI, including non-persistent VDI, does very little to protect against malware.

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There are already several good blogs that have been published that discuss the pros and cons of VDI for security purposes and I would encourage you to read them, especially the five-part series from Shawn Bass (currently CTO at VMware):

However, these blogs are a few years old and with the continued adoption of VDI over the past 4-5 years, I think it makes sense to re-visit the topic. For the purpose of this blog, we will specifically be talki